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Nuestro exclusivo tratamiento consiste en una exfoliación profunda a base de avena, extractos vegetales y urea, que le confieren múltiples propiedades beneficiosas para el organismo y para la piel, además de dejarla pulida, suave y sedosa.

Seguidamente una envoltura en un saco térmico para favorecer la sudoración, lo cual nos ayudará en la eliminación de toxinas, mejorando la circulación y flexibilizando la piel. Una vez que la piel queda totalmente preparada y limpia, hacemos un masaje con nuestra crema desinfiltrante REDUCTIL (Reductor Permeabilizante Desinfiltrante).

Este proceso se acompaña con la aplicación diaria de nuestras fórmulas en casa, para que los resultados se mantengan en el tiempo.

Puedes añadirle ventosas, aparatología, acupuntura y más masaje según el caso.

Tratamiento Detox

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Treatment for highly remodeling zones, activator and metabolic detoxifier of approximately 75 minutes duration.

Specially indicated to fight cellulite with a lot of fluid retention, it is also draining and detoxifying.

These treatments are cycles of sessions where electronic mesotherapy, electrostimulation and vacuum therapy are combined. In addition, highly concentrated active ingredients are used.

Remodeling de Luxe 3 in 1 with Mesovac

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These sessions are shorter than the complete 30 or 40 minute treatments, combining one or several devices and adding or not active principle.

They are maintenance treatments as well as for those people who only want a more localized effect.

Local reductor

wood therapy

Wooden therapy is a massage with the help of several wooden instruments specially designed to achieve results at the body and facial level that only with massage is difficult to achieve.

Each one of the instruments used for the treatment of cellulite allows the stimulation of different layers of adiposity of the skin and thus eliminates the adipocytes and consequently the classic "orange peel skin" disappears. The results are visible from the first application, even if people with fluid retention are applied, since it will help to drain them.

Woodworking therapy

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It rejuvenates in a natural and progressive way, without surgery, without punctures or pain. It also improves the texture, porosity and smoothness of the skin with the activation of microcirculation and skin regeneration.

It also improves mild to moderate stretch marks.

Fractal Radiofrequency Prolex

alchemy rituals

The muds extracted from the Dead Sea possess a large quantity of minerals and trace elements in high concentrations.

Local or general wraps are made and heat is applied at 38-40º to favour the activation of the skin. In this way the necessary minerals are absorbed, obtaining an activation of the circulation, oxygenation of the tissues, stimulation of the metabolism, elimination of fat and impurities and contributing vitality to the skin.

Excellent results in muscle aches mixed with massage or exfoliation.

Mud therapy and exfoliation

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Special Treatment for Tired Legs with Vacuum Therapy (40 minutes).

Ideal combined with specific draining or circulatory products to soothe and improve the circulation of the legs.

Tired Legs