Balancing Face

If you have an event and you want your skin to be smoother and your makeup to look better, don't hesitate, your skin will appreciate it!

This is a treatment of about 30 minutes duration that includes facial exfoliation and a personalized mask according to the needs of the skin.

Ideal as maintenance between facial cleanings.

Does not include extraction.


Personalized Facial Hygiene Therapy

What we usually know as skin cleansing is currently a personalized hygiene therapy and tissue preparation of approximately 60 minutes in duration.

Making a personal diagnosis card to know the habits of the person, we select the right products to give the skin only what it needs, producing a noticeable result.

Recommended, at least once a month. Ask for your free diagnosis.



If your problem is not blackheads and you'd like to mix your cleansing with deeper hydration, don't hesitate to switch from hygiene therapy to this treatment.

Blends skin cleansing, light extraction, peeling and moisturizing through the currents.

You'll notice how your pH is balanced.



One of the most effective non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments on the market. Check how we are removing more and more years from your skin. It is a treatment that improves the quality of your fibers, provides collagen, hydration, reaffirmation, ... and also strengthens the muscles of the face returning the tone to those areas that have lost it over time as for example, cheekbones.

We offer you the most advanced experience, technique and equipment with this specific 60-minute lifting treatment. Through the use of Microcurrents we assure a controlled and deep penetration of highly concentrated elements.


Ultra Focused of Maximum Intensity: Line Eraser

Draft treatment of lines for the rejuvenation of the upper and middle third of the facial area. Includes cleansing, drainage, therapeutic peeling and application of various currents to achieve visible and impressive results.

It is a natural lifting and at the same time that treats in a highly effective way the lines and wrinkles of the contour of the eyes, as well as the diminution of the thickness of the dermis causing the fine and senile aspect of some skins.

Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation

The facelift with acupuncture is a treatment without side effects that works not only the elimination of wrinkles, but also the improvement of oxygenation of the skin, bags, dark circles and the entire facial musculature.



The Kobido massage is a powerful facial rejuvenation treatment, bringing beauty, health and luminosity to a face, sometimes tired, stressed by daily life.

This massage is of Japanese origin and was traditionally reserved for royalty. It was designed to increase health and longevity, though always with a greater emphasis on prevention rather than cure.

Kobido is a rich combination of modern facial methods and traditional Asian concepts. Rapid percussion movements, kneading, acupressure, tapping, facial diagnosis and therapy of meridians and acupuncture points are strategically combined to create a revolutionary facial treatment.

The massage stage consists of gentle and deep facial manipulation techniques, while preparing the face for the second phase, which produces a natural lifting effect without the need for needles as in acupuncture (and without the effects of a surgical procedure).


Fractal Radiofrequency Prolex

It rejuvenates in a natural and progressive way, without surgery, without punctures or pain. It also improves the texture, porosity and smoothness of the skin by activating microcirculation and skin regeneration through fractal radiofrequency.

It also improves the soft post acne marks and superficial stains due to the effect of the sun.


Acne Control Therapy and Regeneration of Oily Skin

One of the best solutions in the market right now to eliminate the problem of acne. The mixing of the sessions in the booth, together with the home products provide visible results from day one and eliminating the problem from the root, without damaging the rest of the tissues.

In addition, once acne has been controlled, it regenerates the skin to restore balance, activate skin regeneration and seborregulates effectively to prevent new outbreaks.