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In Holistic Kinesiology we use muscles and muscle chains to test and discover the imbalances of the human body at the time they occur, starting from the base that the symptoms can be caused by any of the fields that form the person: energetic or information, chemical-nutritional, emotional or structural.

Holistic kinesiology is a diagnostic tool, which responds or functions by a stimulus, through which the body gives information.

The session is usually combined with massage, acupuncture and/or Bach flowers.

Holistic Kinesiology


Acupuncture is an ancient technique performed through strong stimulations in energy points selected specifically to treat your problem, whether nervousness, depression, anxiety, allergies, injuries and chronic pain, fluid retention, .... Among oriental therapies, it is the minor art of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is capable of treating a large number of pathologies, many of them intractable or simply discarded by modern medicine.

A first consultation templo del masajeis carried out where a history of the person is made, the treatment is evaluated and any possible doubts are clarified. In the following sessions, depending on the case, it can be combined with massage or moxibustion.

In addition we have the successful treatment to stop smoking with only 2 sessions.


facial acupuncture

The facelift with acupuncture is a treatment without side effects that works not only the elimination of wrinkles, but also the improvement of oxygenation of the skin, bags, dark circles and the entire facial musculature.

Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation

foot reflexology

The foot reflexology is the best massage to relax the feet and the whole body.

This massage technique uses the reflex points of the foot to work and diagnose the general state of the body in all senses. Treats problems of anxiety, nervousness, chronic pain, digestive problems, circular, respiratory, etc..

Feel the pleasure of a good foot massage.

Foot Reflexology Massage

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The Kobido massage is a powerful facial rejuvenation treatment, bringing beauty, health and luminosity to a face, sometimes tired, stressed by daily life.

This massage is of Japanese origin and was traditionally reserved for royalty. It was designed to increase health and longevity, though always with a greater emphasis on prevention rather than cure.

Kobido is a rich combination of modern facial methods and traditional Asian concepts. Rapid percussion movements, kneading, acupressure, tapping, and meridian therapy and acupuncture points are strategically combined to create a revolutionary facial treatment.

Kobido Facial Massage

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thai massage madrid

The Shiatsu is a technique of oriental massage, existing for thousands of years, that was used as prevention to illnesses and as strengthening of the health.

It works the points of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which join with some channels, seeking energy balance.

It is usually used as treatments with periodic sessions to shorten movements after suffering injuries, increased flexibility, muscle and bone pain, sciatica problems, lumbago, etc..

It is also recommended as a loose session on those horrible days that we are dragging all the weight of work, home, children, and we notice that we can no longer move with agility. The result is unbeatable: a feeling of relief, as if all that weight was lifted from you.

Shiatsu Massage

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wood therapy

Wooden therapy is a massage with the help of several wooden instruments specially designed to achieve results at the body and facial level that only with massage is difficult to achieve.

Each one of the instruments used for the treatment of cellulite allows the stimulation of different layers of adiposity of the skin and thus eliminates the adipocytes and consequently the classic "orange peel skin" disappears. The results are visible from the first application, even if people with fluid retention are applied, since it will help to drain them.

Woodworking therapy

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Thai massage

Thai massage is an exclusive body therapy influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures. Many massage postures resemble yoga asanas. As for the acupressure points, they are within the meridians of Chinese Medicine or the nadis of Ayurveda.

It is very effective both in the prevention and treatment of numerous ailments: headache, back pain, frozen shoulder, cervical pain, tennis elbow, lumbago, etc..

It is a tremendously stimulating and unblocking massage. No doubt there will be a before and an after in your life when you try it.

Thai Massage

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ayurveda massage madrid

Somehow massage is an extension of the sense of touch, but in a precise and conscious way. Since ancient times, human beings have used this type of contact with the aim of helping those who receive it.

The Ayurveda Massage must be considered a part of an integral medicine system, which intervenes in the body-mind-spirit balance, in a joint and unitary way. It is a holistic science, based on the principles that study the human being as an organized totality and not as a sum of parts.

Use the oils in a very relaxing way, both for the body and the mind. The skin is known to be most responsible for hormone production, and this treatment is very balancing for the important metabolic control system.

Ayurveda Ritual

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metamorphic technique

Reiki is a Japanese technique whose function is to channel the energy that surrounds us to ourselves and others. It releases the blocked vital energy from our body as well as other oriental energy therapies such as acupuncture, shiatsu, etc.

We have sessions of 40 and 60 minutes, or combined with massage, especially for problems of anxiety and insomnia.


cupping massage

The ancient technique of massage with suction cups consists in the application of a modern system of suction cups that exert suction or aspiration on certain vital points of the human body to remove blockages (stagnation) of both blood and energy, these blockages, depress the immune system and favor the emergence of diseases.

It is one of the best techniques to balance and increase this vital energy, giving us back our well-being and health.

Oriental Massage with Suction Cups

sports physiotherapy

Together with acupuncture and phytotherapy, tuina is the corpus of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Its objective, therefore, is to prevent and restore the imbalances that occur in the Qi that circulates through the body, through the energy channels called meridians.

Tuina maneuvers affect muscles and joints. And at a deeper level, it also unblocks the channels and produces a beneficial body and mental effect.

Tuina Massage

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chi nei tsang

Chi Nei Tsang is a traditional Chinese technique that combines therapeutic massage with energy treatment healing body, mind and emotions.

It is a type of massage that is based on Taoist philosophy, which defends that the abdomen is the center of the body, and that releasing the tensions accumulated there helps to feel good physically and mentally.

Chi Nei Tsang

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Traditional Ayurvedic Facial Massage similar to the Japanese Kobido massage. It is a massage that not only nourishes the skin and relaxes the muscles of the face and the whole body but also slows down the aging process.

Through the maneuvers and oils used, it favors sensory stimulation, helps improve circulation, tone, revitalize the skin that looks brighter, healthier, younger. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles, softens them, giving firmness to the skin.

This massage, like all Ayurvedic massages, goes beyond the face. Through the reflex points of the face that connect with the organs or areas of the body, work is also done on an emotional level. That is why it is highly recommended to help reduce stress, tensions, anxious states.

It removes facial toxins helping to eliminate them and leaving a skin with a special shine.

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The Udvartana massage is similar to the Ayurveda Ritual performed in templo del masaje. It is especially indicated for cellulite.

The Ayurveda Udvartana massage is a millenary treatment of Hindu origin, in which powder of medicinal plants and spices is used in dry, that are rubbed energetically in the whole body or in the chosen problematic zone.

The special preparation, which is precooked and used in this treatment, has a depurative, reducing, draining and exfoliating effect.

It is recommended to perform this massage in the spring, to perform a general purification of the body, in the imbalances of dosha Kapha as overweight and retention, and in the dosha Vata, to improve different ailments.

Its results are excellent, if we accompany it with an adequate daily routine, achieving very satisfactory results.

A 40 or 60 minute treatment is ideal.

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The Shiro Abyangha massage is mainly an Indian head massage. Numerous nerve endings, stress accumulations, muscle blocks, among others, occur in the upper body, head and neck. The word shiro means head in India, and in the Ayurveda tradition there are several massages from this area that begin with this word.

Traditionally, Hindus massage their heads daily, and it is even part of the routine of hairdressers, barbershops and the daily bath. Starting from the simple Hindu dry head massage, i.e. without Ayurvedic oil, as many other treatments of this area are registered. The head contains strategic areas of the body such as the visual organ, the beginning of the digestive system and part of the respiratory system, the ear, the scalp, the brain inside, and a long etcetera in a space not so extensive.

It is a massage recommended in neurological diseases, acne and alopecia. It is done sitting down and the recommended time is 30 or 40 minutes.

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The Abyangha massage is the most famous of the ayurvedic massages. It is a massage that works the whole body except the head and its function is to relax and drain the vital points.
This massage is one of the techniques used for the preservation of the health that consists, in spreading the body with oil, applying a massage that combines a series of manual movements, rhythms, intensities and postures, to mobilize and to stimulate the elimination of toxins through the biological systems that we possess, besides to release the tension of the musculature, to liberate the tendons and nerves of the fatigue that accumulate in the day to day.

It is one of the most complete massages as it relaxes the body, rejuvenates, invigorates bones, muscles and skin. Stimulates circulation and drainage, the immune system and detoxifies the body. It also improves mental clarity, self-esteem and concentration and relieves pain and energy blockages.

Regularity is important in this massage, as it serves more as a continuous treatment of 40 or 60 minute sessions. A previous diagnosis of the Ayurveda biotype is made, which will give the most appropriate intensity and frequency of this massage according to the person's dosha.

You can do the questionnaire of your dosha here

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