Facial Treatments to combine with Kobido Massage

Facial Acupuncture, the ideal is to do 5 sessions of facial acupuncture and 5 Kobido massage to notice some really spectacular results.
Embriolift, is a Facial Rejuvenation treatment with Electronic Mesotherapy. Combined with highly concentrated nutrients, they work on the regeneration of the skin at the cellular level.

Benefits for you

  • Improves circulation
  • Firms muscles and skin
  • Gives radiance to the face
  • Drains by reducing bags and dark circles under the eyes
  • Eliminates expression wrinkles
  • Have no side effects or allergies of any kind
  • You'll look younger and more radiant.
  • It also improves bruxism and tension headaches.

Kobido means "old way of beauty" and is an alternative or complement to the most modern facial rejuvenation treatments.

During the massage, the technique consists of performing movements varying the intensity, to achieve the circulation of the face, neck, shoulders and upper chest. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

It is a massage that is carried out manually where rose hip oil is used or cosmetics that apart from favouring the massage, take active principles directed to the cellular regeneration or to the reaffirmation.

The first to benefit from kobido massage were the samurai, to calm the mind and strengthen the inner strength after battles. It was not long before the Japanese femperatricians applied the same technique, which they used to wear a porcelain skin. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, Kobido massage eliminates accumulated stress on the muscles that affect the head and face, thus achieving harmony throughout the body, which is subsequently reflected in the skin and body.

This technique, by stimulating the nervous system, improves blood circulation and combats stress. It also reduces bruxism, avoids facial rigidity, relieves migraines and favours sight thanks to the stimulation in the areas close to the eyes. Anyone can enjoy this treatment, from young people with acne problems, to adults with skin spots, psoriasis or skin aging.

kobido massageKobido is a very effective technique in the treatment of bruxism. This problem can cause tooth wear, weakening of the gums, difficulty chewing, pain and ringing in the ears, more or less intense discomfort in the jaws, headache and even discomfort in the neck muscles. Premolars are usually the most affected teeth. In many cases the affected person is not aware of what he or she is suffering from and the dentist is usually the first to diagnose the problem. It is also common that the warning of the pathology is given to us by the person we sleep with.

It is usually caused by anxiety, work stress and nerves. A very common solution is the use of silicone splints on sleeping teeth. Splints that act on the consequences but not on the cause of bruxism.

In these cases, massage may offer other types of aids and solutions. Kobido Massage eliminates the accumulated stress in the face muscles, avoids facial rigidity, relieves migraines and stimulates the nervous system by acting on the face, neck and shoulders.

Normally from the first session you will begin to notice the effects of the massage, although a certain periodicity is advisable. The ideal is a weekly session or every two weeks of about 40 minutes, and especially in times of greater stress.

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Kobido means "old way of beauty" and is an alternative or complement to the most modern facial rejuvenation treatments.